At O’Rourke Wrecking Company we believe in planning for a better tomorrow and our business practices reflect this concern for the future.  Our goal is to reduce, recycle, and reuse materials whenever possible on all our projects.  By creating a demolition work plan at the start of each and every project we are able to identify all salvageable materials that exist thus preventing them from being disposed of at a landfill.


We continually strive to use the best and most efficient demolition techniques which produce less waste and greater recovery.  Through deconstruction methods we avoid damage to materials that can be salvaged.  Proper soil erosion measures are utilized, safeguarding streams and rivers from fine sediments that can upset their ecosystems. When performing projects in environmentally sensitive areas we work with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure strict enforcement of all applicable laws, ordinances, and directives.


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We routinely segregate demolition/construction waste for recycling on project job sites. This material is sent to recycling facilities or used in recycling programs and diverted from landfills.

O’Rourke has a C&D Landfill thus allowing us to sort and segregate material even more efficiently.  Loads are further scrutinized after being unloaded for any additional salvageable items such as reinforcement bar and other various metals that are not able to be removed at the jobsite.

  • All concrete is crushed and sold as aggregate.
  • All scrap metal is recycled.
  • Our shop/facility is heated by waste oil and lighted with energy efficient lighting.
  • Motor Oil Recycling Program
  • Jobsite Lumber Recycling Program
  • Proper Storage of Hazardous Materials
  • Office Recycling
  • Digital Document Management & Storage
  • We perform work on numerous LEED projects and participate in more and more frequently each year.


Always pursuing new buyers and/or recyclers for resale. Items such as refrigerators, wood flooring, boilers, generators, etc. are either sold or donated to local charities to further our goal. By taking this proactive approach we are reducing the amount of construction waste that ends up in area landfills.  We will continue to promote a more sustainable approach to construction and demolition methods.

GO GREENWhitewater Reclamation & Recycling

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Operating a Recycling Facility and Construction & Demolition Debris Landfill that services Cincinnati and the greater Tri-State area provides O’Rourke and its customers with a unique advantage.

In addition to the competitive advantages, we gain operational efficiency on projects with demanding schedules by controlling the flow of materials off site.  We accomplish recycling and disposal at a single facility.  Material specified for fill on a project can be produced at Whitewater and back hauled to maximize each round trip.  A two-way haul equates to a win-win, controlling costs while recycling project materials.

Additional information on Whitewater Reclamation Company is available at their website: