Lexmark Plant Building 046 Demolition

Lexington, KY

Scope of Work:

Asbestos Abatement, Selective Demolition, Structural Demolition, Recycling

Project Detail:

The mass demolition of this high bay manufacturing building presented several challenging factors.  Galbestos siding was sandwiched in a common wall with an adjacent building that had to stay.  Access to the galbestos panels was restricted by the structural support columns for the roof.  This required portions of the roof to be demolished then selective structural columns were removed to abate the galbestos siding.  In addition to this, demolition of Building 046 required separation and demolition of another common wall.  Weather protection of the active building sharing this common wall had to be maintained throughout this demolition.  This turnkey project included recycling 98% of all items including reusing 60% of all these items on site for new parking lots, driveways, parks, etc.