Emergency Response Logo with phone number 855-OWC-FIRSTWhen disaster strikes, O’ROURKE will answer the call and solve your problem 24/7. O’ROURKE stands at the forefront of emergency response services with an extensive network of in-house personnel, vehicles, and disposal facilities, prepared to tackle challenges from minor spills to large-scale facility decontamination. We understand that swift, safe, and professional action is critical when spills happen.

Whether it’s a minor spill cleanup, hazmat control, or catastrophic event, our comprehensive capabilities ensure that we have every scenario covered.

For Emergency Response Services Call: 855-OWC-FIRST  [1-855-692-3477]

24/7 Emergency Response For Ohio, Indiana, & Kentucky

O'ROURKE emergency response map for Ohio, Indiana, and KentuckyIf you need 24/7 emergency response services in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, you can count on O’ROURKE. Our response teams can be on-site in under an hour for incidents near our headquarters in Cincinnati and within two hours for incidents in the Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Lexington metro areas.

In the face of environmental emergencies, every second counts. At O’ROURKE, we recognize the urgency that spills, chemical releases, contamination incidents, and other crises demand. With the unpredictability of such events, our team is available around the clock, ensuring you’re never without expert assistance when you need it most.


24/7 Emergency Response Services

O’ROURKE’s Emergency Services

O’ROURKE offers comprehensive solutions to tackle a broad spectrum of environmental emergencies on land or water. Our extensive network and team of certified experts ensure we are poised to respond swiftly and professionally. Our commitment to the environment and the communities we serve is reflected in our comprehensive range of services designed to address every possible environmental challenge:

  • Emergency Response ContractorsHazardous waste cleanup & disposal
  • Non-hazardous waste cleanup & disposal
  • Underground storage tank (UST) testing & removal
  • Chemical & fuel spill containment
  • Building collapse or failure
  • Bridge collapse or failure
  • Train derailment or rail spills
  • Spill cleanup for tank overflows, leaking drums, & pipeline ruptures
  • Abatement services for lead, asbestos, & mold
  • Waste transportation
  • Decontamination for biomedical & biological waste
  • Environmental remediation
  • Emergency response to spills and contaminantsExcavation of buried drums & cylinders
  • Emergency pump-outs of sumps, pits, manholes, tanks, & vessels
  • Waste management & recycling
  • Over-the-road & crash-related incidents
  • On-the-water spill response
  • Natural disaster response for tornadoes, flooding, & storm damage
  • Fire damage recovery & restoration
  • Pre- and post-emergency event consultations

Our services go beyond just addressing the immediate aftermath; we provide end-to-end solutions encompassing every phase of emergency response management. Whether it’s petroleum spills from vehicle accidents, catastrophic chemical plant explosions, or train derailments, O’ROURKE is ready to spring into action.

Experience Handling Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Materials

Our expertise lies in handling an extensive range of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. We have years of experience managing materials across different physical states – liquids, semi-solids, solids, or gases. Our state-of-the-art equipment and specialized techniques ensure these materials are treated appropriately. We understand that materials can exhibit different properties under varying pressures and temperatures. Our equipment and protocols accommodate these variances for safe and effective handling. With O’ROURKE, you can rely on expert solutions tailored to the specificities of your emergency.


Hazardous Materials

Our teams are proficient in managing dangerous substances, including but not limited to:

    • Flammables – materials that can ignite easily and pose combustion risks.
    • Corrosives – substances that can erode or degrade other materials.
    • Oxidizers – compounds that can cause or promote combustion.
    • Toxins & Poisons – substances that pose health risks upon exposure.
    • Reactive Materials – substances that can react violently under certain conditions.


Chemical Handling

Our expertise extends to handling a wide array of chemicals:

    • Solvents – we can safely manage and dispose of various organic solvents.
    • Acids & Bases (Caustics) – our teams handle acidic and alkaline substances, ensuring they are neutralized and disposed of safely.
    • Metals – special care is given to metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, and others.

Learn More About O'ROURKE's Rapid Response & Containment Process

O’ROURKE’s rapid response and containment process ensures that every incident, regardless of size or nature, is addressed with unparalleled speed and precision. Here’s how our process works:

1. Immediate Notification: Upon receiving an alert about an environmental threat, our dedicated 24/7 emergency response team jumps into action, ensuring that our teams are quickly mobilized.

2. Deployment of Expert Teams: Leveraging our extensive network of personnel and sophisticated response equipment, we dispatch specialized teams tailored to the specific nature of the emergency.

3. On-site Assessment: Our experts conduct a swift and thorough assessment of the situation upon arrival. This involves understanding the extent of the spill or contamination, identifying potential risks, and formulating an immediate action plan.

4. Containment Measures: Using cutting-edge equipment and proven methodologies, our team initiates containment procedures to prevent further spread and mitigate the immediate impact on the environment.

5. Repacking & Removal: Any damaged containers or vessels responsible for the spill are addressed in this phase. We ensure safe repacking and removal to eliminate any further risk of contamination.

6. Recovery & Cleanup: After containment, our teams swiftly transition to recovery operations, ensuring all remnants of the spill or contamination are thoroughly cleaned up. This phase is crucial in limiting both short-term and long-term environmental impacts.

7. Waste Management & Disposal: Hazardous and non-hazardous materials are safely collected, segregated, and prepared for disposal. Our rigorous protocols ensure that waste is managed in compliance with environmental regulations.

8. Transportation & Treatment: Materials recovered, whether hazardous or non-hazardous, are securely transported to designated facilities. Here, these materials undergo rigorous treatment and are disposed of in strict compliance with environmental regulations.

9. Decontamination & Restoration: After addressing the immediate threats, we focus on decontaminating affected areas. Whether it’s land, water, or infrastructure, we aim to restore the environment to its pre-incident state.

10. Short-term & Long-term Site Remediation: O’ROURKE is committed to the long-term health of affected sites; this includes additional cleanup activities and other necessary remediation actions to ensure the site’s complete recovery.

11. Monitoring & Reporting: We conduct continuous monitoring post-incident to ensure no residual contaminants remain. Our team will work with you to prepare detailed reports documenting the incident, response measures, and outcomes for stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

O’ROURKE’s dedication to the environment and community is unmistakable in our exhaustive approach. From the moment an incident is reported to its ultimate resolution, we pledge unwavering commitment and expertise. This approach enables us to deliver immediate containment and long-term protection of the environment and local communities.

Call O’ROURKE When You Need Emergency Response Contractors

Our expertise remains unparalleled, from public agencies to private sector clients in the transportation, chemical, manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, retail, and insurance industries.

  • Single Source Solution: Streamline your emergency response and disposal needs with our comprehensive services. Avoid the hassle of coordinating with multiple agencies.
  • Qualified Teams: Our team is experienced, extensively trained, and certified, ensuring you get the best in the business to manage your crises.
  • 24/7 Availability: Accidents don’t wait, and neither do we. O’ROURKE boasts 24-hour spill response capabilities, equipped with in-house personnel and state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring timely and efficient response to any emergency spill scenario.
  • Advanced Response Equipment: Maintained with the utmost care and updated with the latest technological advancements, this fleet is a testament to our investment in ensuring top-tier emergency services.
  • Safety Protocols: Our top priority is the safety of our teams, the public, and the environment. We’ve instituted strict safety protocols, which are routinely reviewed and updated to adapt to new challenges and materials.


For Emergency Response Services:

Call: 855-OWC-FIRST  [1-855-692-3477]