From systematic dismantling to controlled detonation, O’ROURKE is well-equipped to handle wind turbine demolition jobs of all shapes and sizes!

If your wind turbine has sustained damage from fire or lightning or is approaching the end of its operational life, it’s the perfect time to reach out to our professional demolition team. With over 60 years of expertise and a commitment to top-rated demolition solutions, we can help with singular turbine demolition or demolition jobs for an entire wind farm, all while executing a complete removal or preservation of the wind turbine foundation. Find out more about our trusted demolition services below!

Trusted Experts for Wind Turbine Decommissioning

We offer a wide range of wind turbine decommissioning services; with our in-house staff of demolition experts, we make the decommissioning process easier than ever, delivering nothing short of top results. Below are some of our most popular wind turbine demo services.

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Explosive Felling Services

One of the most common ways we decommission wind turbines is with explosive felling services. Our unique and efficient explosive felling services harness controlled explosives to bring down wind turbines quickly and safely! Trust us to handle safe demolition solutions perfectly with care and environmental consciousness.

Dismantlement of Wind Turbines

If our explosive felling services are not conducive to the particular demolition job, we can also employ meticulous dismantlement services. Wind turbine dismantlement is an eco-friendly solution that involves carefully disassembling the components of your turbine(s) and foundation removal for site restoration afterward. These components may then be used for reassembly elsewhere!

Removal and Disposal of Blades

The removal and disposal of turbine blades is a significant job that requires a team of heavy equipment specialists! Here at O’ROURKE, we understand the challenges that come with removing and recycling wind turbines, which are often made of difficult-to-dispose composite materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber. We can carefully and efficiently dismantle your wind turbine and transport the blades to a facility for further processing.

Liberty Proto Type Wind Turbine

Clipper Wind Turbine Demolition

Preservation of Your Turbine’s Foundation (if Needed)

At O’ROURKE, we understand the importance of preserving the foundation that supported your now-decommissioned wind turbine. This is especially important if there are plans to upgrade to new wind turbines or use the foundation for a different type of turbine, as preserving the foundation ensures that the structure remains intact and suitable for such changes!

From an ecological standpoint, preserving the foundation also reduces the need for extensive excavation and disposal of materials, contributing to a more sustainable approach to wind energy infrastructure.


Our Past Wind Turbine Projects

Our years of experience are not just a testament to our longevity, but more importantly, it reflects a legacy of successful demolition projects! Take a look at some of our past wind turbine demolition projects in our gallery.

Mitigating and Reducing Waste for Your Project

We take great care about minimizing our environmental impact with each demolition job and promoting sustainability along the way.

For starters, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment of the materials used in your wind turbine and try to identify components that can be recycled, including metals, concrete, and potentially some parts of the turbine blades! Our systematic approach separates recyclable materials from non-recyclables during the demolition process. Thanks to our longstanding work in the demolition industry, we’ve made close partnerships with recycling facilities that specialize in processing materials from wind turbines, so you can be sure that these facilities have the capability to handle the unique materials!

During the process, we also determine if any of the wind turbine components can be reused or refurbished. This may include electrical components, gearboxes, and other parts that are still in good, usable condition. Contact our team today to learn more about our sustainability practices.

Why Work with O’ROURKE for Wind Turbine Demolition?

If you’ve been searching for a top-tier company for your wind turbine demolition needs, get in touch with us at O’ROURKE! We have a proven track record in wind turbine demolition, and time and time again, we have showcased our extensive experience and expertise in safely and efficiently decommissioning wind energy structures.

We prioritize safety in all aspects of our operations, ensuring the well-being of personnel, the surrounding communities, and the environment throughout the demolition process!

Over Six Decades of Experience

O’ROURKE is extremely proud of our six decades of demolition experience, boasting a long and proven track record of delivering top-rated solutions across the United States. With such an extensive history in the industry, we’ve accumulated a wealth of in-depth industry knowledge, allowing us to navigate the complexities of wind turbine demolition with a deep understanding of best practices, challenges, and solutions. Learn more about our company’s history here.

O’ROURKE’s Dedication to Safety and Integrity

As with any demolition project, safety and integrity are key. In fact, they’re non-negotiable!

Our unwavering commitment to safety and integrity is at the core of everything we do. Not only do we continuously update stringent safety protocols to ensure a secure working environment for our team members, but we also conduct thorough risk assessments to identify potential hazards before each project we take on.

With our unique, proactive approach, we can anticipate challenges and maintain a safe working environment throughout the entire demolition process.

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