Hazardous Materials AbatementEnvironmental hazards are encountered on almost every renovation or demolition project due to the age of the buildings.  O’ROURKE has a long and proven track record of handling hazardous materials from commercial to industrial sites and will act as your partner in risk management to ensure your project is seamless from start to finish.  Our team of professionals are trained and licensed in asbestos, lead and mold abatement and will operate in full compliance with OSHA and federal and state EPA rules and regulations.

Our team will assess and properly plan for the removal and disposal of various types of hazardous building components typically encountered during a renovation or demolition. Hazardous containing materials can pose significant risk to human health and the environment if not properly handled.

In addition to asbestos containing materials, other hazardous materials generally encountered include Universal Waste (i.e. fluorescent bulbs, neon, high intensity discharge, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps), batteries and mercury devices (i.e. thermostats, electrical switches, gauges and light sensors). Other hazardous materials include light ballasts which may contain polychlorated biphenyls (PCB’s), lead pipes, roof vent flashings, lead containing fixtures (i.e. piping and lead painted surfaces) as well as other hazardous materials such as paint, oil, pesticides, cleaners and other discarded chemicals.

O’ROURKE will properly identify and remove hazardous materials needed to obtain clearance of areas prior to renovation or demolition. Our licensed crews are trained in hazardous materials safety, waste management, and environmental compliance standards.

Our Capabilities

Asbestos Abatement

O’ROURKE performs asbestos abatement through a multi-step process that ensures complete asbestos removal and client satisfaction. We use EPA-approved methods and equipment to properly contain, remove and safely dispose of asbestos-containing material for everyone.


Lead Abatement

O’ROURKE is experienced in the removal of lead paint and other lead-based materials. Our certified professionals use specialized safety equipment and industry best practices to detect and remove lead-based paint from any interior or exterior surface.


Mold Abatement

Mold abatement is critical for businesses and homeowners alike, as mold can cause significant health issues if not treated promptly and safely. Our licensed specialists are versed in mold remediation, from the initial survey to complete removal and disposal.


RCRA or Hazardous Waste

O’ROURKE offers a range of services related to the safe management and disposal of hazardous waste materials. Our certified professionals know RCRA regulations and guidelines, including sampling, analysis, storage, collection, and disposal.


Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation is a process used to eliminate hazardous materials from the environment and restore contaminated land to its original state. It is primarily used where hazardous materials have been dumped, leaked, or otherwise released into the environment.

Our environmental remediation aims to reduce or eliminate any risks associated with these materials, such as air and water pollution, health problems, and ecological damage.


Contaminated Soils

O’ROURKE is experienced in the safe remediation and disposal of contaminated soils, including soils contaminated with petroleum products or other hazardous substances. Our team has the skills, training, and equipment to correctly identify, remove, and dispose of soil contamination.


AST/UST Removal & Cleaning

O’ROURKE offers comprehensive services related to the cleaning and removing underground storage tanks (USTs) and above-ground storage tanks (ASTs). Our certified professionals understand the importance of proper containment and disposal and work diligently to ensure that all regulations are met.


Our decontamination services are an essential part of hazardous materials abatement. It involves removing, neutralizing, or destroying hazardous materials from a site or area. Contaminated sites may be decontaminated by physically removing contaminated items (i.e. soil, equipment and buildings).


Waste Minimization Analysis

O’ROURKE provides waste minimization analysis services to identify ways to reduce waste, save money, and improve safety. By analyzing your waste stream and identifying areas of improvement, we can help identify cost-effective solutions that are good for the environment.

Emergency Response

800-354-9850 One Call / 24/7

When disaster strikes, O’ROURKE is prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to help mitigate risk. With our Emergency Call Center our Emergency Response Team will offer immediate assistance for incidents involving hazardous materials of any kind.  Our team is specifically trained and certified in hazardous materials safety and recovery and can provide emergency response services including containment, hazardous materials removal and disposal, demolition, remediation, water damage and equipment assistance. We provide these services to not only property owners but to insurance companies, local fire departments, EPA and FEMA, etc.


Call the Experts!

As a fully integrated company in demolition, remediation and hazardous materials abatement, we are your go to single source contractor you can rely on and trust.  Whether you’re looking for asbestos removal, industrial cleanup or emergency response services, O’ROURKE’S expertise and experience will give you peace of mind on your next project.  Our safety record is unparalleled in the market and we continually invest significant resources in training, equipment and safety technology to ensure your project is performed safely and securely.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information about our services and how we can help care for your hazardous material needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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