If surgical precision demolition is required, O’ROURKE has the expertise and experience needed to ensure your building is protected while safely removing walls, floors, ceilings, equipment or a select portion of a structure.  Selective demolition is an alternative to completely tearing down a structure and can be more cost-effective and sustainable solution   When a building is structurally sound but an interior remodeling is desired, selective demolition is often called for.  O’ROURKE is a leader in selective and specialty demolition services and is equipped to execute challenging projects that require sophisticated program management capabilities, specialized equipment and skilled supervision.

  • Selective Structural Demolition– Our demolition contractors have specialized experience in working across various industries, including industrial power plants, refineries, chemical plants, and manufacturing facilities. We have experience in safely demolishing these complex structures using powerful equipment and strict safety protocols.
  • Surgical Demolition– This is a unique demolition process that involves removing only a specific area of a structure rather than the entire building. Our contractors have the specialized equipment and technical expertise to safely remove large, challenging areas.
  • Historical Demolition– Facadism involves preserving the historic façade of a building while demolishing or severely altering the remainder of the structure to allow for new construction.
  • Critical Separations– In cases where demolition may impact other structures or adjacent properties, our highly trained technicians can use specialized equipment to separate the affected area safely.
  • Critical Picks– When there is a need to remove large components of a structure carefully, our contractors can use specialized equipment and techniques to safely dismantle these structures without causing damage.
  • Crane Rigging– When removing large or complex components from a structure, our team can safely and securely use cranes to remove these structures for you. Our team can ensure the right crane will get used for your project.

O’ROURKE Has Experience and Equipment For Selective Demolition

With our fleet of modern demolition equipment we have a wide range of specialized equipment including mini-excavators, skidsteers, cranes, excavators, and other heavy machinery to ensure that your project goes smoothly. Careful consideration and proper use of equipment become vital in selective demolition because the delicate nature the work requires.

Selective demolition preparation involves extensive site surveying to determine the potential building hazards.  A site specific demolition and safety plan will be developed to minimize risk to our team, client and the structural integrity of the building so nothing is disturbed.

O’ROURKE has extensive experience working on some of the most challenging surgical demolitions out there. Some of our completed projects include active healthcare facilities, office buildings, sports stadiums and power plants. Hiring a contractor with experience in this kind of work is a must! . Since 1962, O’ROURKE has been the leading demolition company in the industry, assisting in selective and specialty demolition services.


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Whether you are removing an entire power plant or city block to just a few key building components, O’ROURKE has the experience and expertise to deliver results. Our team of demolition experts is highly skilled in using the latest equipment and techniques to meet your needs while ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Contact us today to learn more about our turnkey approach to selective demolition services and get a free quote on your next project!

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