O’ROURKE has set out to be the leader in the demolition industry for jobsite safety. That strategy has taken on a life of its own in creating an entire “safety net” over all we do. Every team member is part of creating a SAFE PLACE to work, to work with and do business with on our clients’ critical demolition projects.


At O’ROURKE safety isn’t just a practice.  It’s our culture. Everything we do relies upon the safety of our Team, clients and the communities we live and work in.  Through comprehensive and consistent safety training, mentorship and a behavior-based safety program, O’ROURKE has maintained one of the best safety records in the industry.  With a stellar EMR of 0.47 and jobsite data across a wide variety of matrix we have proven year after year that we walk the walk.


We take a proactive approach to safety management to provide our clients with projects that go incident-free. Our own branded corporate safety program, O’ROURKE Safe, empowers all personnel on any job site to identify and correct hazards and at risk behaviors, reinforce safety compliance and execute the highest standard of safety procedures and practices.

We operate in hazardous environments and are committed to excellence and the disciplined management of our operations.  Our leaders have the responsibility of being role models for safety within our company by creating the right environment for our Team to be comfortable living the value of safety.


We honor a culture that keeps people safe by:

  • Commitment from all levels that “No job is so important it cannot be done safely”
  • A vision that ZERO injuries is possible, with an emphasis on proactive measures.
  • Accepting personal responsibility for our own and others’ safety.
  • Taking action, always and immediately.
  • Sharing knowledge, best practices, tools and resources.
  • Investing in learning and development.
  • Creation of site specific safety plans to address the risks of each project.
  • Daily pre-task safety planning process for all crews
  • Weekly, documented, high-quality jobsite safety inspections conducted by all levels of the organization.
  • Highly skilled and experienced safety professionals on staff to provide jobsite safety coordination.
  • Safety education and training goals for all employees.
  • Substance abuse testing programs for all employees.

“Our clients trust us to perform the most difficult demolition projects in the most challenging environments. To do this, we rely on our greatest asset, our dedicated workforce. Through their unparalleled dedication and superior job site habits, we are able to deliver safety, efficiency and value to our clients for every project that we undertake.”

— Michele O’Rourke,