Before a building is demolished, it’s essential to consider what – if any – historical value it has to offer. Preservation of historical buildings, places, and resources is both legally required and a critical way to maintain our country’s heritage for future generations to learn from and enjoy!

As a top-rated demolition contractor, we consider it our responsibility to be diligent and take the initiative to keep our nation’s history intact, which is why we offer industry-leading historical preservation and salvage services. Read on for more information about why historical preservation matters, why O’ROURKE is committed to preserving history, and what we can do to protect the past.

Salvaging Historic Resources and Architectural Landmarks

Every year, whether by accident, severe weather, or deliberate vandalism, historic buildings across the United States are destroyed. In some cases, these historic resources and landmarks can be restored; often, however, they are slated for deconstruction and demolition. In either case, it is critical that these tasks are undertaken with the utmost care and respect for these structures, the materials they’re made from, and what they represent to so many of us.


Our Past Historical Property Projects

For examples of our commitments to historical preservation, quality, and customer service, look no further than a few examples of our past projects.

O’ROURKE's Commitment to Preserving History

At O’ROURKE, we recognize how important it is to take an active role in preserving our nation’s historic places, buildings, sites, and landmarks. Our comprehensive historical preservation and salvage services are designed to be thorough, reliable, and meticulous so we can ensure no part of our history is damaged and everything that should be saved is carefully protected. Whether a historic building needs to be carefully deconstructed or an aging historical site needs to be restored, we’re here to help the past keep its hold on the future!

Trusted Services for Preservation and Salvaging

Our wide variety of historical preservation services includes both preservation and salvaging. With these services, we can ensure that historic resources are preserved, whether that means keeping a building or landmark intact through in-depth restoration and renovation or salvaging anything of value, such as heritage building materials, from condemned historic properties.  

We Ensure Proper Removal and Protection of Historic Pieces

If a historic structure, site, or landmark is past the point of restoration and in need of deliberate deconstruction, our services can help ensure that as much historical material is salvaged from the structure as possible. Architectural salvage can take many forms, but is most commonly seen as building materials which, when properly removed and saved, can be used as reclaimed materials, stored for future viewing, or preserved as the material requires. Our historic salvage services are designed to protect the greatest possible amount of salvaged materials from historic areas to mitigate the loss and leave something for future generations. 

Assistance with Renovations, Restorations, and Demolition

O’ROURKE also provides top-rated assistance with every aspect of historical building and landmark preservation, which includes renovation and restoration of existing buildings using both reclaimed materials and new materials. Our services aim to preserve a building’s historic properties while maintaining its safety and appearance for as long as possible. Additionally, we offer carefully curated demolition and deconstruction services that salvage as much material as possible while creating a safer environment for our community and the surrounding city! 

Why is Historic Preservation So Important?

Historic preservation is about more than a few old buildings; it plays a crucial role in our ability to understand the past, connect to it, learn from it, and pass that knowledge on to the next generations to build a sustainable future. Europeans first settled in the United States of America in the 15th century, and in all that time, countless structures, landmarks, and other historic resources have been built, rebuilt, and demolished. In response to all of this lost history, Congress passed the National Historic Preservation Act in 1966, which did a few things:

  • Created the National Register of Historic Places, which marks the official federal list of historic districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects that are considered vital for preservation
  • Created a requirement for all federal agencies to build their own historic preservation programs
  • Instituted a review process that mandates federal entities to consider the effects of their activities on historically protected land

These policies have helped save innumerable amounts of our common history, and we at O’ROURKE Wrecking are committed to upholding their spirit by going above and beyond to preserve and protect the past we share with our community!


Why Work with O’ROURKE for Your Demolition Needs?

When you’re in the market for a top-rated demolition company, it can take time to decide which one is the right fit for you. At O’ROURKE, we believe that our commitment and dedication to historical preservation shows how much we care about our clients and the community we consider ourselves lucky to serve!

In addition to our history-focused services, we also offer industry-leading demolition solutions for commercial and industrial sectors. These services are provided by our top team of experienced professionals, which has been setting the standard for quality demolition for more than sixty years.

Our Legacy of Integrity and Safety Standards

Over the years, O’ROURKE has built a reputation for providing honest, reliable, and trustworthy services with a safety-first mindset and a commitment to the highest standards of quality. Each of our projects is carefully planned and meticulously executed with safety, integrity, and results first in mind.

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