The economic environment of today is much different than in years past. Plant lifecycles are much shorter than they used to be and companies need the flexibility to adapt to rapid changes.  Once you exit your facility, you don’t want to leave any liability behind. O’ROURKE provides decommissioning and site services for projects of all sizes. O’ROURKE can value engineer and implement turnkey decommissioning services as a single source solution. 

What happens to power plants them when they’re no longer needed due to corporate or government policies? That’s where O’Rourke Wrecking Company comes in. We’re experts in the field of power plant demolition, and we can make sure your plant is safely taken down and disposed of. 

Let’s go into more detail about the decommissioning process and how complete plant closures require a specialized skillset and knowledge of the past history of the plant conditions.   

What is decommissioning, and why is it necessary?

Decommissioning is dismantling and safely removing a power plant so it can no longer generate electricity, usually done when the plant is no longer needed or reaches the end of its useful life. This process is complex in nature and not a simple “demolition and exit” job.   

There are several reasons why power plant decommissioning is necessary: 

  • It prevents environmental contamination: Power plants can contain harmful chemicals and pollutants leach into the environment due to improper decommissioning. 
  • It protects public safety: Decommissioning ensures that the plant is safe for the public to be around. 
  • It clears the way for new development: Once a power plant is decommissioned, the site can be reused for future redevelopment. 

The process of decommissioning a power plant

Decommissioning a power plant requires careful planning through site assessment and   execution to ensure safe and effective demolition implementation. The process of demolition services of a power plant is as follows: 

1. An Engineering Survey will be conducted on every plant structure targeted for demolition.  This will determine the best demolition means and methods.  

2. Our Project Managers will create an Action Plan with timelines, Project Specific Demolition Health and Safety Plans for each phase of the project.   

3. Hazardous Materials will be properly removed and disposed of by our licensed and trained personnel. In addition, our personnel are trained in abatement, biological, hazardous chemicals remediation, spill response. Our services include on call emergency response and project specific decontamination services.  Our unique capabilities allow us to provide a single source solution for hazardous material abatement and decontamination. 

4. Our highly trained and experienced hazardous waste experts will assess the waste designated for disposal and arrange for the proper packaging, manifesting, shipment, processing and final disposal.  With access to all major processing and disposal facilities in the country, O’ROURKE can arrange for the right service to meet your needs. We’re not limited to a specific facility or process so we can make controlling your liability our top priority. Our six decades of experience will help solve your hazardous waste disposal needs and minimize your corporate liability and maximize the return on safety. 

5. The dismantling phase begins next and is usually done in stages as the equipment may need to be given secondary decontamination. After this is complete, it may be dismantled further into its component parts.  O’ROURKE has engineering expertise to carry out surveys, make as built drawings, track the dismantled parts and carry out the specialized demolition so the plant’s equipment is removed and dismantled safely and efficiently.  

6. Some plants require imploding the powerhouse, stacks or hung boilers to minimize risk and safety issues.  O’ROURKE has sixty years in explosive demolition. 

7. The final phase is the disposal process consisting of either complete disposal of the dismantled plant or complete shifting of the dismantled plant to another location, or a partial disposal of old equipment. O’ROURKE will develop and implement a waste management process to help you achieve your best practices.   

O’ROURKE’S team of experts have experience working with plant decommissioning projects of all sizes and building project specific operation and safety plans. We handle the small details and documentation so you can reduce and avoid liability. When you work with a trusted contractor like O’ROURKE, you are taking the step you need to achieve your best practices. Experience the O’ROURKE difference! 

The benefits and challenges of decommissioning a power plant

Decommissioning a power plant is no small feat. It requires careful planning and execution to ensure the demolition company‘s safe and efficient process. Several challenges must be overcome, such as dealing with hazardous materials, managing public opinion, and addressing environmental concerns. 

However, the benefits of decommissioning a power plant can be significant. It can help to improve local air quality, create new economic opportunities, and provide a cleaner energy source for future generations.  

Decommissioning a power plant doesn’t have to be a negative experience. The right team in charge ensures a smooth and proper process. 

We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right

Decommissioning a power plant is necessary to ensure public safety and environmental protection. The process is challenging, but we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Our team of experts have experience working with demolition projects of all sizes and developing project specific operation and safety plans. We handle the small details and documentation so you can reduce and avoid liability with zero safety incidents.   

O’Rourke Wrecking Company has been in the power plant decommissioning services business for over sixty years. If you want to see our work in action, please feel free to check out some of our previous projects. We’re the ideal choice for the job, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 


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