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O’ROURKE is the premier demolition and environmental remediation contractor in the nation. Founded in 1962, O’ROURKE has the knowledge, expertise and resources to meet the challenges of any demolition project. Our unmatched engineering & estimating team is experienced in all facets of industrial and commercial demolition. With an integrated construction and design mindset we offer full service capabilities that allow the best means and methods to be selected for our client’s project. There are multiple ways to clear structures from a site. They can be conventionally demolished, dismantled, pulled over, tripped, mechanically sheared or imploded. O’ROURKE works with our clients to select the safest, most efficient method thus removing obstacles before they even occur.

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O’ROURKE has the ability to perform asset recovery, abatement, remediation, demolition and final site restoration with our own forces and equipment with one of the most professional and experienced teams in the nation. Due to this level of expertise, O’ROURKE has the ability to provide a fully integrated solution or specific single service for our clients. No job is too small or large!




Using our in-house team and practical experience O’ROURKE will provide cost-effective value added engineering services to help our clients succeed in meeting their project goals by providing quality engineering, planning and regulatory experience. Additionally, we can provide our clients with environmentally sensitive options through our knowledge and implementation of sustainable recycling practices.



Progress requires more than experience. You need a trusted adviser on your team, one who looks out for you and anticipates your needs. Your challenges demand innovative solutions. O’ROURKE isn’t just responsive — we’re dedicated to solving problems and will provide a clear and detailed engineered plan that is specifically for your project needs.



O’ROURKE will address your unique issues providing you with an experienced and professional team that will support your project needs in a responsive manner. O’ROURKE has a track record of reliability in satisfying our clients’ needs and creating long-term relationships.



It’s all about the Complete Life Cycle of the Structure
With O’ROURKE trained experts we will dive deeper into the logistics of many helping to ensure clients are getting their best value for their project budget. With real-time production values and cross-platform technology, O’ROURKE can stay on target, improve efficiency, and adjust as needed, helping to identify sustainable opportunities, reduce the carbon footprint, and help clients with their long-term financial goals.



At O’ROURKE safety isn’t just a practice. It’s our culture. Everything we do relies upon the safety of our Team, clients and the communities we live and work in. Through comprehensive and consistent safety training, mentorship and a behavior-based safety program, O’ROURKE has maintained one of the best safety records in the industry.


To be a trusted company, year after year, O’ROURKE works to a consistent and higher set of standards and follows them in everything we do and say, every day, everywhere we work.

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