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Emergency Rapid Response Process

O’ROURKE’s rapid response and containment process ensures that every incident, regardless of size or nature, is addressed with unparalleled speed and precision. Here’s how our process works:

1. Immediate Notification: Upon receiving an alert about an environmental threat, our dedicated 24/7 emergency response team jumps into action, ensuring that our teams are quickly mobilized.

2. Deployment of Expert Teams: Leveraging our extensive network of personnel and sophisticated response equipment, we dispatch specialized teams tailored to the specific nature of the emergency.

3. On-site Assessment: Our experts conduct a swift and thorough assessment of the situation upon arrival. This involves understanding the extent of the spill or contamination, identifying potential risks, and formulating an immediate action plan.

4. Containment Measures: Using cutting-edge equipment and proven methodologies, our team initiates containment procedures to prevent further spread and mitigate the immediate impact on the environment.

5. Repacking & Removal: Any damaged containers or vessels responsible for the spill are addressed in this phase. We ensure safe repacking and removal to eliminate any further risk of contamination.

emergency response services with 24/7 availability

6. Recovery & Cleanup: After containment, our teams swiftly transition to recovery operations, ensuring all remnants of the spill or contamination are thoroughly cleaned up. This phase is crucial in limiting both short-term and long-term environmental impacts.

7. Waste Management & Disposal: Hazardous and non-hazardous materials are safely collected, segregated, and prepared for disposal. Our rigorous protocols ensure that waste is managed in compliance with environmental regulations.

8. Transportation & Treatment: Materials recovered, whether hazardous or non-hazardous, are securely transported to designated facilities. Here, these materials undergo rigorous treatment and are disposed of in strict compliance with environmental regulations.

9. Decontamination & Restoration: After addressing the immediate threats, we focus on decontaminating affected areas. Whether it’s land, water, or infrastructure, we aim to restore the environment to its pre-incident state.

10. Short-term & Long-term Site Remediation: O’ROURKE is committed to the long-term health of affected sites; this includes additional cleanup activities and other necessary environmental remediation actions to ensure the site’s complete recovery.

11. Monitoring & Reporting: We conduct continuous monitoring post-incident to ensure no residual contaminants remain. Our team will work with you to prepare detailed reports documenting the incident, response measures, and outcomes for stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

water oil and gas spill cleanup for emergency response

O’ROURKE’s dedication to the environment and community is unmistakable in our exhaustive approach. From the moment an incident is reported to its ultimate resolution, we pledge unwavering commitment and expertise. Our advanced response equipment is maintained with the utmost care and updated with the latest technological advancements, this fleet is a testament to our investment in ensuring top-tier emergency services.

This approach enables us to deliver immediate containment and long-term protection of the environment and local communities.

Commercial Demolition

Experienced Commercial Demolition Contractors

In the dynamic world of commercial demolition services, the end of one structure typically heralds the birth of another. Since 1962, our team has been proud to cultivate progress and pave the way for new developments, innovations, and opportunities across the United States through our professional demolition solutions.  

Read on to learn more about our tailored services for commercial properties and find out why O’ROURKE has been a trusted name in the demolition industry for over 60 years! 

Trusted Commercial Demolition Solutions Since 1962 

Embarking on a demolition project isn’t merely about dismantling; it’s about entrusting a legacy into the hands of professionals who recognize the value of what stood there and what will stand in its stead. Since the ‘60s, our company has been at the forefront of this balance between the old and the new, offering top-rated commercial demolition solutions that place an emphasis on precision and safety. 

Professional Contractors Dedicated to Safety and Integrity 

As stated above, our demolition work begins with a foundation of safety and integrity. Each project is approached with meticulous care, ensuring that every action is calculated, every risk mitigated, and every outcome optimized. Our legacy is built on the hundreds of structures we’ve carefully dismantled, each project a testament to our commitment to safety, integrity, and professionalism along the way. 

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O’ROURKE’s Top-Rated Commercial Demolition Solutions 

At the core of O’ROURKE’s demolition process lies a blend of cutting-edge techniques, innovative solutions, and a deep respect for the surrounding environment. Our demolition portfolio is as diverse as the clients we serve, encompassing everything from precise, selective demolitions to grand implosions that reshape city skylines. 

Structural Demo

In the realm of structural demolition, we are proud to utilize our industry prowess in order to provide bespoke services that cater to the unique blueprint of each project. Our professional approach to structural demolition includes meticulous strategic planning, designed to ensure the seamless execution of every task, big or small. 

Selective and Interior Demolition Services 

Our selective and interior demolition services shine as a beacon of excellence for projects that demand not just expertise but an unparalleled degree of finesse and precision! These operations are akin to surgical procedures within the demolition field, where attention to detail is needed when separating and extracting specific areas or components of a structure. Our seasoned team employs cutting-edge techniques and technologies to execute these tasks, guaranteeing minimal disruption to adjacent areas and optimizing safety protocols! This approach not only safeguards the integrity of surrounding structures but also underscores our unwavering commitment to precision and safety. 

Implosions and Full Building Demolition 

For projects where the scope extends beyond selective demolition, we step into the world of full-scale building demolitions and implosions, a domain where our expertise truly shines. These projects are monumental, not just in their scale but in the meticulous planning and precision that underpin them. Orchestrating an implosion or a full building demolition requires a blend of scientific precision, engineering acumen, and a deep understanding of the structural intricacies of the building. Our team, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience, executes these demolitions and paves the way for future development, all while maintaining the utmost efficiency and expertise. 

Historical Preservation and Salvage 

At the heart of our demolition services also lies a deep-seated respect for history and heritage. We recognize that every structure holds stories, memories, and a legacy that transcends its physical form. Our solutions for historical preservation and salvage are a reflection of this recognition! We can meticulously work to preserve and salvage valuable historic elements of buildings slated for demolition, ensuring that these pieces of history are not lost in the rubble. This process involves a careful assessment of the structure, identifying elements that hold historical significance, and employing specialized techniques to remove and preserve these elements. Our commitment to historical preservation ensures that while the physical structures may change, their legacy and the stories they hold will endure. 

O'Rourke working on demolition of downtown building walkway

Industrial Demolition Solutions 

The industrial sector can present unique challenges and demands specialized solutions. O’ROURKE’s industrial demolition services are designed to tackle these challenges head-on, from decommissioning old plants to handling hazardous materials with care. 

Wind Turbine and Power Plant Decommissioning 

Our experience extends to the green revolution, where we provide decommissioning services for wind turbines and power plant demolition. As these structures reach the end of their lifecycle, we ensure their removal is handled with environmental responsibility at the forefront.

Hazardous Materials Abatement 

The presence of hazardous materials at a demolition site requires an added layer of expertise and caution. Our team is trained and equipped to handle many kinds of hazardous materials abatement, ensuring that all regulations are met and safety is prioritized. 

Environmental Remediation Services 

Beyond demolition, we are proud to offer comprehensive environmental remediation services designed to mitigate impacts and restore sites to their original state. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our approach to top-rated asset recovery services, recycling, and waste management. 

Asset Recovery and Recycling 

Maximizing the value of what remains is a key part of our demolition philosophy. Through asset recovery and recycling, we ensure that materials find new life, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable future!  

Waste Management and Transport 

Efficient waste management, site clearing, and transport are critical components of our environmental remediation services. We handle the logistics of debris removal and waste transport, ensuring that all materials are disposed of in compliance with local environmental standards. 

Environmental Remediation

O’ROURKE is Proud to be a Trusted Demolition Company 

With over sixty years of experience in the field, O’ROURKE has not just witnessed the evolution of the demolition industry; we’ve been a driving force behind it! Our reputation as a trusted demolition company is built on decades of hard work, innovation, and a relentless commitment to excellence with every job. 

Over Sixty Years of Industry Experience 

Navigating through the evolving landscape of the demolition industry requires more than just strength and machinery; it demands a deep-rooted understanding of what must be removed and what will emerge in its place. This understanding is not gained overnight but is meticulously crafted through decades of experience, challenges, and triumphs. With over sixty years of dedication to the demolition sector, O’ROURKE is proud to have been a trusted demolition company for various clients nationwide. 

The “O’ROURKE Difference” 

The “O’ROURKE Difference” is defined by our rich heritage: a testament to our commitment to not just meet but exceed the evolving expectations of our clients and the demolition industry at large. Our seasoned team, equipped with insights honed over six decades, brings a level of expertise and understanding that is rare in the field. This wealth of experience ensures that no matter the complexity or scale of the project, O’ROURKE stands ready to tackle it with confidence, efficiency, and the foresight that only years of dedicated service can provide. 

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At O’ROURKE, we stand at the confluence of history and innovation, where decades of experience meet cutting-edge techniques to breathe life into your vision. Our expertise spans the meticulous art of selective and interior demolition, the grandeur of full-scale implosions, and the delicate task of historical preservation, ensuring that every project we undertake is not just executed but transformed into a landmark of progress. 

Reach out to our team at O’ROURKE today to discover how our tailored demolition solutions can serve as the foundation for your next project.  

Underground Storage Tank Removal Services

At O’ROURKE, we are proud to specialize in providing comprehensive underground storage tank (UST) removal services that are specially tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our team of experts has years of experience in the demolition industry and is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to remove underground storage tanks safely and efficiently! We’ll also ensure compliance with environmental regulations and minimize any potential impact on your property – reach out to us today for more information!

Underground Storage Tank Removal Services

What is an Underground Storage Tank (UST)?

An underground storage tank (UST) is a container buried beneath the ground’s surface and used to store liquids or gases. These tanks are commonly found at gas stations, industrial facilities, and properties where the storage of large amounts of fuel or chemicals underground is preferred for reasons of safety, space, or aesthetics.

A Storage Tank Can Be Placed Underground for Many Reasons

While there are several reasons businesses opt for storage tanks, underground placement is often chosen to maximize space above ground. It also provides better safety by reducing fire hazards and protects the stored substance from extreme surface temperatures. This method of storage is particularly common for fuel, including gasoline and heating oil, which is why it has become such a critical component of many commercial and industrial operations.

Are These Storage Tanks Considered Hazardous?

Whether an underground storage tank is considered hazardous depends on its contents and condition. Underground tanks used to store substances like petroleum and certain chemicals can pose environmental risks, including surrounding soil and water contamination if they leak.

For this reason, managing, maintaining, and, when necessary, safely removing these UST systems is vital for the property and surrounding areas. At O’ROURKE, our underground tank removal services are designed to address these concerns and ensure that all hazardous materials are handled and disposed of properly!

O’ROURKE Provides Professional UST Removal Solutions

Our trusted team at O’ROURKE is dedicated to offering top-tier underground storage tank removal solutions. We’re fully equipped to manage all aspects of the removal process, from initial assessment to the final disposal. All in all, we ensure a seamless process for UST owners no matter what their needs are.

Tank Removal Requires Specialized Expertise

The removal of underground storage tanks is a complex process that demands specialized knowledge and skills. Our team at O’ROURKE is comprised of industry experts who have years of experience in UST removal! We understand the intricacies involved in the safe extraction and disposal of these tanks, which is why we’ve become such a reliable choice for property owners across the country.

Trusted Waste Management and Transport Services

Part of our comprehensive UST removal includes trusted waste management and transport services. We ensure that all materials removed from your site are handled in compliance with local environmental laws and regulations. Our tank disposal solutions guarantee that hazardous and non-hazardous waste is safely and efficiently transported from your site to appropriate disposal or treatment facilities.

underground tank removal for environmental services

Abatement and Removal Services for Hazardous Materials

When dealing with tanks that contain or have contained hazardous materials, we employ rigorous abatement and removal protocols to mitigate any risks. Our team is highly trained in the handling of hazardous substances, ensuring that the removal process is conducted safely with minimal environmental impact. Our top priority is the health and safety of our clients and the community in every project we undertake!

Utilizing the Best Equipment in the Industry

To ensure the highest standards of safety and efficiency, O’ROURKE utilizes the best equipment available in the industry for UST removal. Our state-of-the-art technology and machinery allow us to perform UST extractions under various conditions, minimizing the disruption to your property and operations. In our fleet, you’ll find state-of-the-art excavators and specialized heavy machinery designed specifically for demolition and removal tasks. Better yet, our equipment is meticulously maintained and regularly updated to meet the evolving needs of our projects and clients.

Whether we need to navigate a tight urban space for a demolition project or safely extract a hazardous UST from an off-grid rural site, our arsenal of tools ensures we’re prepared for any challenge that comes our way!

Underground Hazardous Material Removal

Why Work with O’ROURKE for Specialized Demolition or Removal Projects?

When you choose O’ROURKE for your specialized demolition or underground storage tank removal projects, you partner with a leader in the field. Our unparalleled expertise, commitment to safety, and adherence to environmental regulations make us the best choice for managing your project effectively and responsibly!

Over Sixty Years of Experience in the Field

With extensive experience in the demolition sector, we’ve been able to hone our expertise and deepen our understanding of the industry’s ever-changing landscape. Through every era, O’ROURKE has remained committed to setting the standard for quality and reliability, making us a trusted partner in the industry for over sixty years!

Top-Rated Demolition and Abatement Solutions Since 1962

Since our inception in 1962, we’ve been at the forefront of providing top-rated demolition and abatement solutions. Our long-standing history is a testament to our ability to adapt and excel through decades of technological and regulatory changes. With decades of experience under our belt, we’re well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle projects of all shapes and sizes.

Here at O’ROURKE, our operations are grounded in a firm commitment to safety and integrity. We understand the potential risks associated with demolition and UST removal, and we prioritize the health and safety of our workers, clients, and the environment in every project we undertake. Our comprehensive safety protocols and ethical business practices ensure that every job is completed with the utmost care and professionalism, maintaining our reputation as a trusted industry leader.

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If you’re ready to take on the challenge of a specialized demolition or UST removal project, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at O’ROURKE! We are ready to provide you with the information and assistance you need to get started! Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your project goals safely and efficiently.

Lead Abatement Services

In modern times, our homes and workplaces are sanctuaries designed to shield us from the chaos and perils of the external world. Yet, lurking within the very walls meant to protect us, a silent adversary often resides—lead. This toxic element, once a staple in construction materials, now poses significant health risks to anyone exposed to it. O’ROURKE is proud to provide trusted lead abatement services, a specialized field dedicated to the identification, removal, and management of lead in our environments.

This brief guide offers an insightful glance into the world of lead abatement, underscoring its critical importance in safeguarding public health and wellbeing. Contact us today for more information on our top-rated lead abatement projects and demolition services!

Lead and hazardous material removal and abatement

What is Lead Abatement?

Lead abatement is the meticulous process of eliminating lead-containing materials from buildings and structures to prevent lead exposure. This intricate procedure goes beyond mere surface treatment or containment; it aims to permanently reduce lead poisoning hazards to protect current and future occupants.

Lead Exposure Can Bring on Health Issues

The stealthy nature of lead makes it a formidable foe for property owners across the country. It often goes unnoticed in the form of old lead-based paint, contaminated lead dust, aging pipes, and more, threatening the health of unsuspecting individuals. High levels of lead exposure can be particularly detrimental to children, impairing cognitive development, causing learning disabilities, and affecting behavioral growth. In adults, it can lead to hypertension, kidney dysfunction, and reproductive problems. All of these dangers make the role of lead abatement services not just a matter of regulatory compliance but a profound commitment to public health!

Lead Can Exist Within Paint, Dust, Water, and More

As stated above, lead’s omnipresence in older infrastructures is a haunting legacy of its past uses. Before the dangers were fully understood, lead was a common ingredient in paint, plumbing, and other building materials for its durability and corrosion resistance. As these materials deteriorate or undergo renovation, lead is released into the environment, becoming a hidden hazard in dust, chips, and even water, awaiting the opportunity to wreak havoc on our health.

Asbestos Abatement Services

Our Trusted Lead Abatement and Removal Services

In the battle against lead, specialized abatement services aim to protect the health and safety of property owners and inhabitants alike. Our team at O’ROURKE is proudly equipped with the expertise, experience, and tools necessary to tackle this invisible threat.

Decades of Experience with Hazardous Material Abatement

With a highly-trained team of experts who can combat several hazardous materials, O’ROURKE brings decades of experience in lead and asbestos abatement to each project we take on. Our journey began at a time when the dangers of lead were just coming to light, and we have since dedicated ourselves to mastering the complexities of its safe removal and management.

Utilizing Specialized Equipment and Industry Best Practices

Our approach to lead abatement is grounded in the utilization of specialized equipment and adherence to industry best practices. From HEPA filter vacuums to encapsulants and sophisticated removal techniques, we employ a comprehensive arsenal designed to tackle lead hazards in any setting effectively.

Removal and Disposal of Lead Paint and Other Toxic Materials

At the heart of our services lies the meticulous removal and safe disposal of lead paint and other toxic materials. This critical process is executed with precision and care, ensuring that all lead-containing materials are safely removed from the premises and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Abatement and removal of hazardous lead paint

Why Work with O’ROURKE for Hazardous Material Abatement?

Choosing the right partner for lead abatement project is a decision of paramount importance. With O’ROURKE, you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re enlisting a dedicated ally in the pursuit of a safer, healthier environment! Contact us today for more information.

Our Commitment to Safety and Integrity

Our unwavering commitment to safety and integrity sets us apart. At O’ROURKE, we believe that the cornerstone of an effective hazardous material abatement process lies in a meticulous, ethical approach to every job. We strictly follow EPA guidelines and safety regulations, ensuring that every project is executed with the utmost care for the health of occupants and workers alike.

Following EPA Guidelines and Safety Regulations

As we’ve mentioned, adherence to EPA guidelines and safety regulations is not just a legal requirement for us; it’s a moral imperative! Our methodologies are crafted to meet and exceed these standards, embodying our commitment to delivering services that not only comply with regulations but also protect communities from the dangers of lead exposure and more.

Sustainable Solutions for Waste Management

In our quest to combat lead hazards, we also champion sustainable solutions for waste management. Recognizing the environmental impact of lead disposal, we employ eco-friendly practices that minimize waste and promote the recycling and safe disposal of lead-containing materials.

Top-Rated Demolition Contractors Since 1962

Our reputation as a top-rated demolition contractor since 1962 speaks to our enduring dedication and expertise. Through decades of navigating the challenges of hazardous material abatement, our experience and professionalism have made us leaders in the field!

We believe our team’s experience and professionalism set O’ROURKE apart from other demolition and environmental remediation contractors. Our crew’s unparalleled knowledge and skill in handling hazardous materials ensure that every project is approached with the precision and diligence it deserves, securing not just compliance but also peace of mind.

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The path to securing a lead-free property is not merely a task—it’s a vital project that requires a fusion of expertise, unwavering commitment, and meticulous attention to detail. At O’ROURKE, we don’t just offer services; we offer partnership for property owners that goes beyond the conventional!

Reach out to our team at O’ROURKE to schedule an inspection or to get more information on our demolition and lead abatement solutions.

Asbestos Abatement Services

The majority of asbestos products have been banned for use in the United States since 1989, but plenty of buildings and materials that contain the dangerous substance still remain! Most commonly found in the building materials of commercial buildings and older homes, asbestos is a harmful substance that requires careful handling and removal to ensure the health and safety of a structure’s occupants. Exposure to asbestos fibers has been proven to lead to chronic health issues, including lung cancer. Our asbestos abatement services can help prevent asbestos exposure by identifying and safely removing any of this hazardous material from your home, business, or job site! Read on or contact our team today to learn more.

Trusted Solutions for Asbestos Removal and Abatement

Our industry-leading asbestos removal and abatement services are designed with safety first and foremost in mind. Our comprehensive solutions can help identify and isolate any potentially hazardous material, and our experienced team of professionals are experts at safely containing, removing, and abating asbestos and other dangerous materials. Our dedication to site safety and regulatory procedures ensures that the risks for cross-contamination are minimal and help protect the health and safety of our team and our clients alike!

Asbestos Abatement Services

Full-Service Demolition and Environmental Remediation

Our comprehensive environmental services include complete demolition and hazardous material remediation solutions. From asbestos inspection, containment, and removal to other HAZMAT handling services, O’ROURKE’s solutions are designed to provide safe and effective remediation for your home, business, or job site. With our services, you can trust that these spaces are safe for occupation and ready for whatever comes next.

Experience with Handling Hazardous Materials

Our expert team of industry professionals has decades of experience working with hazardous materials of all types, from asbestos-containing materials to lead, mold, and more. Our expertise helps us safely identify and abate any hazardous material on your property while ensuring the continued health and well-being of its occupants. From start to finish, you can rely on our experience to get the job done quickly, safely, and with the utmost attention to detail.

Dedication to Following Safety and EPA Regulations

When it comes to the containment, abatement, and removal of hazardous materials, safety is paramount. Our team at O’ROURKE is committed to following all applicable EPA and OSHA regulations to mitigate any potential health risk throughout both our immediate work area and the surrounding areas of our projects. By following strict guidelines for the safe containment and processing of asbestos and other hazardous materials, we can ensure a safe environment for both our team and our clients throughout our projects.

Proper Containment, Removal, and Disposal

Our abatement services begin with thorough asbestos testing to verify the presence of the hazardous material. Once any suspected asbestos is confirmed to be present, we use thorough and comprehensive containment systems to close off the hazardous material from the rest of the structure before we begin the removal process. Removal and disposal are done as quickly and effectively as safety allows, along with a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail for the best possible results.

Our Team Ensures a Safe and Secure Site with Every Project

At O’ROURKE, we take our responsibility and commitment to safety seriously. When dealing with asbestos materials or any kind of other potentially hazardous substance, it’s critical to use caution, safe handling procedures, and safe disposal methods. Our highly trained teams use their years of experience to work safely and effectively and ensure that our projects are safe and secure both during the abatement process and long after the job is finished.

Hazardous Materials Abatement

Additional Solutions for Lead, Mold, and Hazardous Waste

Our comprehensive range of HAZMAT containment and abatement services includes other materials that can pose a health hazard in your home, office, or job site. From abating and disposal of lead in old buildings, to mold control and more, our removal services can handle it all! Contact us today for more information.

O’ROURKE is a Top-Rated Demolition and Abatement Company

O’ROURKE has proudly been a go-to demolition contractor for decades. In all that time, we’ve earned our reputation through our industry-leading asbestos removal services, along with our other top-notch demolition and removal solutions. Our commitment to excellence, safety, and outstanding customer service makes O’ROURKE the top-rated choice for demolition needs across the country!

Professional Demolition Services Since 1962

For over six decades, O’ROURKE has been offering our leading demolition and abatement services throughout the United States as a top-rated contractor. With our years of experience and our professionally licensed team, we are ready, willing, and able to tackle any demolition job, from minor mold remediation to complete building implosion and more! Our proven solutions are designed to keep your property safe and secure from materials that could harm your health, quality of life, or peace of mind.

Providing Our Solutions Nationwide

At O’ROURKE, we offer both local and nationwide support for a variety of demolition, remediation, and asbestos abatement projects. From small projects to high-rise office buildings and more, our top team of asbestos abatement workers and demolition professionals are available wherever you are. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of demolition services and the areas we cover.

Industry-Leading Processes and Equipment

O’ROURKE stands out from other asbestos removal companies through our industry-leading abatement and demolition processes. Our services are designed from the ground up to minimize downtime, improve safety, and reduce any possibility of contamination while we work. We use proven and reliable equipment to ensure the health and well-being of our team and our clients while improving our efficiency and generating better, faster results!

Our Commitment to Safety and Integrity

When it comes to demolition work, safety is and always has been our top priority. Our goal as your trusted demolition contractor is to provide undeniable service and proven results at the highest possible level of safety. All of our services are designed with safety at the forefront, and we go to work each day fully aware of our commitment and responsibility to both our clients and ourselves.

Contact Us Today for More Information

To learn more about our services or to book us for your upcoming asbestos abatement projects, contact us for more information today!